Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Easy Way to Overwinter non-hardy Colocasia and Alocasia macrorrhiza Indoors

double wide bucket from Walmart
note the prolific roots since they were brought in in November

even the runners, hacked up by the digging process have sprouted !

It's very important to remove ALL traces of soil, old leaf sheaths, rotten leaves etc before they go in the buckets of clean water. Worst case: you'll have to flush out the buckets and replace the water.

Alocasia macrorrhiza do extremely well cut back and stored in a relatively warm, dry place (60-75). If you have the space they even do well potted up and actively growing all winter. One of the easiest to overwinter. They seem to be impervious to drying out.
 To get them going easily in March, soak the dry roots in HOT water overnight (I do mine in the laundry tub). This seems to break dormancy easily. Then put up in dry potting mix, at least 1/2 of corm out of the soil with slight moisture and warmth and light.

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