Saturday, March 19, 2011

Technicolor Spring

Love the bright colors of spring. We hit 80 degrees yestrday. The magnolias, forsythia, daffodils, pansies and hyacinths are in  bloom. Enjoy the color.

my corkscrew willow greened up in time for St Paddy's day

Star Magnolia and Blue Skies

my pond frogs are back!

beautiful blue anemone de Caen "Harmony Blue"

indigo blues of a hyacinth


  1. I love the range of blues. they are all beautiful but the star magnolia is really a star. It's stunning.

  2. That Anemone shot is just marvellous and I love the contrast between the white Magnolia blooms and the blue sky in the background ... another great shot. So many lovely blooms.